29 June 2013

new blogs!

we are officially taking a gap year together next year and could not be more stoked. we've each created our own blogs to document the year in stories and photos as we travel, work, live, and explore.

maddy's is http://un-reve-etrange.blogspot.com and marit's is http://el-cielo-infinito.blogspot.com.

03 November 2012

believe, believe

i needed a last-minute halloween costume and i had a purple tutu on hand.

so i went as (a highly stylized version of) the sugar plum fairy.

i had a fun with the makeup.

...and even more fun with the hair! my hair's really fine so i did a sock bun, which actually worked out better than i expected. since i don't have a tiara, i made a headband using a wrap bracelet and some strategically placed bobby pins.

also since we had a four-day weekend i had time to paint my nails and they're shiny and blue and they make me happy, ok?

x, m

p.s. can we all please take a minute to appreciate one of my favorite that '70s show quotes of all time - and a very accurate observation about teenage halloweens:

p.p.s. this was for a costume party but luckily everyone was dressed cute but tasteful... there was none of this:

08 October 2012

october inspirations

tanya by knesiya segina
summer, we miss it already... anna grekova.
natalie kucken is super talented.
mallorca by quentin de briey.
winter tale iii by laura makabresku.
missing london so much. via here
that's all for now. we're busy bees. more later.


08 September 2012

i throw some clothes on in the dark

...literally, because school is officially started.

i wore a few cute outfits the last couple weeks, so i figured i'd share - even if i only had time for crappy self-shoot photos - i admit these photos are not art. oh well.

first day of school - you've seen the shirt before but i really love it. also that beaded bracelet from africa is awesome.

i wanted high waisted shorts cheap, so i bought a pair of fugly 'mom jeans' six sizes too big from the thrift store and chopped them off. the waist is massive and they're almost too short for school. but still, am i a hipster yet? i wish i had a before picture of the jeans.

my friend kat made beautiful rhinestone friendship bracelets! i love mine. (the green one is from chile last year.)

not sure why i look so miserable in almost all of these photos...

pocketwatch from london is one of my favorite accessories i own.

the first weeks of school are still an adjustment, and i probably should have been doing homework instead of setting up a tripod.

ring from cape town.